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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

An Idea

Just jotting down this idea I 've been having for a while. Have been picking up a bit of Visual Basic, and was able to creat a minesweeper solver with the help of some API's. If you are interested, you may download it here. Hoping to materialise this idea using VB if i have the time to do so.

Anyway, here's the situation... It has to do with websites you visit.

How many times have you vaguely recalled a good website you visited before, but just cannot remember the website URL? You try the search engines but simply cannot find the right words. The solution is to use the bookmark right?

Now, how many bookmarks do you have that you have not visited since you added it? It should be a large portion of them. Your favorites list is probrably cluttered with lots of other websites you do not visit, and the good websites are probrably hidden within the heap of junk websites.

The solution? To develop an application that runs with IE, which you can use to mark a good website which you visited, and which will sort it according to how many times you visit the website. There can be other features as well: adding your own description, sorting them according to topics, and it can even be put online using services like yahoo or something. But for now, I'm just jotting down this idea so that perhaps I may try to do something like this in vb... I really don't know how, and i'll require a lot of time... but this would be quite a useful project to work on when I have the time...

Just An Idea...