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Monday, July 31, 2006

London and Italy Album

of our trip to London, Greenwich, Venice, and Rome.

Google Geek?

Having worked at a-star, and having discovered microsoft offering their Visual Basic Package for free has caused me to feel that there's actually hope in this world for the average geek.

These few weeks of internship at a-star allowed me to experience working in an autonomous research environment. I'm now even more keen to be part of other such highly unstructure organisations, especially one that greatly successful, yielding astonishing results.

Yes, and google is one such organisation, I've have been eyeing this one for a while now.

And if I were allowed the liberty of opinion, I'd say a good project which can be developed would be one catering to the needs of the info and power hungry geek species across the globe. A project that would help aspiring geeks at all levels to find what they are looking for quicker, and perhaps provide these geeks a medium to further their pursuits, by providing free server space for example. How that will make money, i'm not too sure, but google seems to be making money out of giving away freebies to the world!

If I were a googler.

HCH!!! Check this out!!!

The answer to your problem!!! It's every Wannabe Hacker's dream come true :P

I might just reacquaint myself with Visual Basic again!


This is microsoft acknowledging the potency of open source! The world is becoming a better place indeed :P

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A complete list of all the cartoons you could ever imagine!

Was searching for the show "Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys", when I stumbled upon this:

A list of all the cartoon series you could ever think of!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My phone died

Ah! just realised my phone is dead! Gotta contact people, but cant remember their number. Got tuition tonight and need to contact Janice yiyi. I hope someone comes on msn soon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To HCH: Reminicing my Visual Basic Days.

hch! I'm afraid I don't possess a vb compiler. I recalled the last time I got the vb compiler, it was through some kind soul I met on a forum who put the setup.exe file on his server for download.

That was a long time ago, and I've since lost it, actually it screwed up on me after awhile... (And it wasn't really functional as there was no convinient help feature when you hit F1 on a function.) Perhaps you could try asking around some forums and see if anyone is willing to help you. Anyone with the open source spirit would gladly help you if they could!

Otherwise, move on to genuine open source! But it's hard to find a subsitute for vb though...

Recollecting memories of my minesweeper solver, and my SMM days with foo yee...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another week at work

It's Tuesday already, again! Guess I'll reflect on my week every Tuesday, since the general timetable of my stint here is also planned out by the week.

Highlights of this week:
- Got the trial website up and running, and it should be ready for implementation by the weekend, after a 3 day allowance for beta-testing. If you'd like to help out, please visit, register, and go use the features!

- got a tour round the supercomputer housed in ihpc. Now I'm quite curious to find out exactly what it takes to carry out accurate simulations, and how to harness massive computing power effectively.

- Met up with foo yee! Quite excited that he'll be at imperial next year. He's one of the few maths buddies I have, and I've realised that they are hard to come by, even in a place like Cambridge.

- Have been hanging out at the NUS Science Library after lunch the past week, read up on hilbert spaces.

- Need to submit my Second Week Report soon. Quite looking forward to watching Fortran 90 in action, and to seeing the process of simulating a process from scratch!

- Going to watch Pirates of the Carrebean with the CF people tonight.

Monday, July 17, 2006

CCCF Website - Update


the trial CF Website is up!

Visit it here!

Shain, go see what you can do about the asthetics! Main thing is the banner, but I could do with nice icons for the news articles, and a picture for the welcome panel.

HCH, this is the path my php endeavour is taking me. There's challenge in administering a nice php site - need not always build it from scratch!

Yup, finally sorted the database problem, time to see how fast this plane can fly!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Simpsons Unplugged

Check it out!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

CCCF Website

I've been preoccupied with doing up the CF website lately.

Eyeing the CMS called php-fusion, can test it here.

A comprehensive handbook on php-fusion, from installation to administration to creating mods.

A very elegant and well developed CMS, I felt.

This is the template I intend to adapt for the CF website. Need opinion if it's suitable. Found it on php-fusion themes.

Like it cos of my preference for light, sky-blue colours.

A bit stuck on the MySQL username and password verification, having similar problems with the srcf. But think things should get off the ground once I've solved that problem.

Also engaging Shian to do the banner, using the cccf logo. We'll see how this goes.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A week of work

It's been a week since I started my internship, and everyday's been PACKED!

It's good, cos I'm forced to make full use of the free hours remaining - that includes lunch hours and after office hours.

Have been arranging to meet everyone nearby for lunch / after office hours dinners + hang out sessions. And also bumped into some of my peers studying at nus now.

On top of that, also taken a few tuition students. Leaves me with even fewer days of after office hours left to spare.

Just jotting down the people I've met, and what happened to my days!

Wednessday - first day of work. Went out lunch alone at the neighbouring food court. Went straight back home.
Thursday - Explored Prince Georges Park
Cafe, alone. Had tuition at Janice yiyi's house. Stayed over.
Friday - Ventured to Business Canteen, met chui. Stayed over at Jane yiyi's house.
Saturday - Went for choir with sam, lunch with CK gugu and family, bumped into Nigel outside his shop at Cine, movie and dinner with yuch. "Thank you for smoking", a good watch.
Sunday - Joined Sam's cell, usual youth service, lunch with cell at Margrait Drive - Hor Fun! Hung out at ikea, looking for espresso machine, dinner at Jane yiyi's house.
Monday - Arranged to meet Matthew at Sci Fac for lunch, but due to communications breakdown, couldn't contact him. But bumped into Jiabin, Shaofeng, and Lixin. Joined Jimmy and Zhihan for dinner and lan at parklane, and adjourned across the road for dao hui after.
Today - Marks the conclusion of my first week on the job. No arrangements for lunch, prob make my way to sci fac canteen again for claypot rice. Going to have dinner with the P6 kid I'm taking for tuition on Tuesdays.

Other pending tasks:
- doing the cf webpage in what is left of my spare time at home, and
- arranging for archims fair, and
- booking the pits when the time comes, for cumsa.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Content Management System Trial Site

Looking for a CMS to power the CCCF website now.

Here's a good site to sample the different CMS's available

Thinking the function of the CCCF Website, in order of importance:
1) Infomation about who we are,
2) Updates on our events,
3) Photos,
4) Download page, and a way to display our publication,
5) A forum would be nice, but may not be well utilised.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

An Update

Internship at IHPC!
Beginning internship tmr! Really looking forward to it! Gonna be a really enriching experience, and have lots of hopes about it.

Home Improvements
Serene got Budgies! There are pets in the house again!

And I got a new acoustic for $125 at sweelee, to replace the guit I brought over to Cambridge.

Some Progress on my Responsibilities
- Begun surveying different cms's, but have yet to install and meddle with them on my com.
- Emailed the archims plenum and committee to arrange for volunteers to man the booth at fresher's fair.
- Begun reading up on some physics topics I'd be covering next year.
- Cumsa's gonna to hold an event at my place! Need to sort out the booking of the function room and bbq pits...

Pictures of CS Gugu visit
Now on Gallery...

Internship beginning tmr!!! Cant wait :P