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Monday, October 18, 2004

Going to Australia!!!

Setting off for Australia in a few hours time. Won't be back for 6 weeks! Looking forward to the unique experience of wandering about the Australian wilderness in an M113. Hoping to see some kangeroos, wild horses, dingos; but fear the other native wild life like ticks and sandflies. But first, got to get pass the aussie quarantine, gotta make sure all my baggages are clean... its a real pain...

Next stop... Rockhemton!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

An Update

Wow, haven't blogged for a long time. looks like my blogging rate is about once a month. Anyway, just returned from a shiong week, think it's about as shiong as it gets, and I'm surviving. Getting ready for Wallaby, will be going there for 6 weeks!!! Hope to get extra overseas allowance and proper compensation for the weekends burnt, it'll amount to more than 2 whole weeks if they calculate according to the 5 day work week, but doubt they will... But still i'm looking forward to the experience.

Have been very uncertain about the future lately. dont know what to do... overseas or not? which scholarship if at all... getting referee letters... reapplying to ucas... which path to chose? which path will lead me to my dreams?? how to get there? sigh. Guess i'll just commit it to GOD, do what i can and not worry so much... getting quite used to uncertainty since coming into this camp...

Also hoping to try to improve the look of this blog. Also hoping to try out some online photo gallary services, but i'll need some photo's first. The gallary will come in useful if I go overseas to study, I'll be able to post all the pictures of my life on it...