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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"The brain is not a receptacle"

I remember the advice my JC principal used to give during assembly on study technique - she would urge us to understand the material and not try to cram the material wholesale and regurgitate it during the exams. Well, I'm now finding myself doing exactly what she advised against - frantically copying my notes by the topics in the hope that some of it gets retained.

Less than a week to the exams, and i'm tossing the learning habit that has brought me to cambridge out the window - waiting for the lightbulb to illuminate understanding to a topic, the apple to fall on the head, simply aint happening fast enough to keep pace with what i've gotta know...

Just realised how badly I lack knowing the content, and frantically trying to make up for that.


pebble bed nuclear reactor

just came from a research seminar on the future of nuclear power, took back this interesting development - a pebble bed nuclear reactor...

basically uranium enclosed in a shell to keep the hazardous by-products inside.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Theoretical Physics Material

To occupy me over the hols...

Theoretical Physics 2

on the Cavendish Teaching Page

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hm... That didnt quite last me through the exams. Went to tescos today to get resupply.

Laid out in its full gory

Saturday, May 12, 2007

An interesting paper

Hey HCH, check this paper out...

The Ghost in the Browser - Analysis of Web-based Malware

Written by guys at google researching malicious websites.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

A medical account

Just a log of what can happen from drinking too much milk... Writing it in response to Sam's post.

The incident happened last week, 5 May 07, incidentally exactly two years after my ORD'ing.

Was rather stuck with work last Saturday, felt kinda cooped up in my room because there was little happening - the usual Saturday frisbee session had been canceled from lack of response. Impulsively, I took myself on a jog.

Didnt take me long to find my legs quite dysfunctional.

Along the way, bumped into keng rui and yaofeng, a first year medic. They were also running. Yaofeng advised that drinking milk should help in the recovery of orthopedic problems, because of its calcium content.

Went to sains with Keng Rui subsequently, to get microwave dinner. Got myself 2 pints of milk too. Proceeded to keng rui's to make dinner, and in typical me fashion, from the after exercise thirst and hunger, and the desire to fix my leg, I finished the two pints of milk over the course of the dinner.

Back in my room, two hours later, I felt a churning in my stomach... Moments later, I was, putting it as euphemistically as possible, vomiting milk through the excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal.

The call to nature felt particularly urgent when it happened, but it wasnt tormenting. In fact, it was a rather interesting experience :P

Eugene, a second year medic, explained the phenomena as the kidneys displacing the milk, instead of filtering it. Wonder if that is what happens to lactose intolerant people when they drink milk...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Taking Stock

Ok, 3 more weeks to the exam, and the fact is starting to hit me hard!

3 subjects - maths, physics, advance physics, and all i can say is that i think i'm only decently prepared for maths, and still need to do a lot more work for both physics. Still cant do quantum mechanics!!!

On a bright note, received my lab report last Friday at the "Head of Class Meeting", and the Head of Class was rather pleased with my work! A great contrast to the lab report I handed in last term.

Looking beyond the exams, summer and MIT plans did not work out, but that's good too. Means more time back home, and will be a comfortable year ahead.

- Looking for something worthwhile to do over summer. Eying two Astar research institutes - Data Storage Institute, and Institute of Micro Electronics, or perhaps a DSO internship. Could pop by the Quantum Computing Group at nus too! Will be borrowing the book "Structure Computer Organization" home over summer, and hoping to gain lots from it!

- Also thinking that I might like to teach, either at SAJC, or at NUS High School. Could also take up a few tuition students. But hope that I'd still be able to teach properly despite not having teaching as a day job.

- And think i'd attempt the GRE's this summer, in case I decide on graduate studies in the US after my third or fourth year.

- Just received an email from the Investment Club about an investment game. Thought it might be a good way to be introduced to the stuff of investment banking.

Wild Idea
Next year will be a lot more comfortable now that I wont be going to MIT. Should be much better prepared for the work I'd be facing. Thinking of how I might make more full use of my time next year, and a wild idea came to mind - Rowing!

Physiotherapist appointment last Tuesday diagnosed cartilage problems with my right knee and left ankle, attributed the problem to flat feet, and wear and tear of the joints, probably arising from prolonged marches with heavy loads. Tried running today, out of sheer lethargy, and found the legs still rather problematic.

I thought that with my legs in this state, rowing might be a good low impact sport to engage in. And what better way to experience the Cambridge tradition, plus enforce a disciplined routine and a healthy lifestyle than rowing?

Might try it in Michaelmas, and see how well my life wraps round it. If my whole routine collapses on me from the commitments, then I'd just cease it after the term.

Immediate Future
As of now, need to craft emails to the A-star Institutes, and beg them to give me an internship. Then it's off to mug, *wheeze*, mug ,*deep breath*, mug, *exhale*.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beyond Basics

I went nuts today, and got myself this:

1.7 kg of chocolate!

Laid out in it's full gory!

To last me through the exams and beyond!