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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Happy New Year!

It's been a while into the new year and I'm getting quite excited about ORD'ing... I've planned to do a number of things after I ord, and I am beginning to make preperations to accomplish them. Now I'm just jotting these things down to help me keep track of what I'm doing...

1) Relief Teaching:
I've registered and been given a provisional offer, gotta bring my certs to the first school i go to, the website also told me to visit it in a month's time about a month ago, visited it today, still got the same message. Think I'll have to contact my school soon to ask them if they need relief teachers...

2) Driving:
I've payed a visit to the ang mo kio driving center on last friday to find out... I've passed my basic theory and I can obtain my pdl anytime at $25, but it'll only last for 6 months. Will obtain it when I decide to take my practical lessons. Hoping to engage a private instructor. Will have to book my advanced theory test and practical tests soon.

3) Cycling Exp for my Cell:
Just spoke to Joey (a cell member) today about it, have been quite enthu about it. The date would tentatively be on 6-7 may this year (fri-sat of the week I ORD). Will have to do some homework, including bicycle rental from bishan park, reccee the route, which is envisioned to be on the east side. Also need to look for a van and a driver for a safety vehicle, seems to be the hardest thing to do at the momment.

4) Serving in the IT ministry:
Just found myself a ministry in church, the IT Ministry... Hoping to see how I can help out, there are no concrete things to do yet, but hoping the staff incharged would contact me to begin on something. I could begin when I start to clear my leave properly, maybe around the end of march onwards.

5) My Birthday celebration:
Plan to celebrate my birthday with all my good friends since primary school. Haven't thought of the details yet, perhaps a bbq with catered food at my home... or at some cheaper restaurant...

6) Prepare for Uni:
Ah, uni's beginning, and yet I'm not sure where I'm going now... If I'm going overseas, I'll be recceeing the Uni with my family in June (from 3-22 june) will be missing church retreat.. sigh... and term would start in Oct. If I'm doing uni here, I'd begin to pack and furnish my room for uni...

That's about the things on my mind now, haven't posted for a long time... posting today as i felt that I'm getting myself involved in a lot of things and I wanna keep track of them.

Will be beginning a new blog just before I ord to mark the new phase in my life. This time the blog entries will not be so malencholic...