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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year?

It's 4 AM +0800 GMT, New Year's Day 2006, and I'm suffering the symptoms of a body clock that is inconsistant with local time.

So I'm up at 4AM on the first day of 2006, and there's absolutely no body online now! It's quite rare that out of the 126 MSN contacts I have, none are online... I guess everyone's either out partying or sleeping...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Body Clock's Gone Nuts!

Woke up at 0130 just now after a 3 hour slumber to a craving for ice-cream and solving maths problems :S

Think my body regards the eye-shut that just happened as afternoon nap


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

Watched Narnia today with the church youth... Sat beside HCH and Daniel. Discovered a flaw in the physics of time and the wardrobe.

Just a thought... If time stops when one enters the wardrobe, wouldn't he appear, from the outside, to be jumping out of the wardrobe the second he enters?

This would mean that Edmund can never have entered the wardrobe while Lucy was inside it, before she came out!


Ok, I'll go easy on the movie... It's fiction afterall :P

Incoherent Fiction.


People have been hunting me down this term and I was oblivious to it the entire time! :S

Was just surfing the net, decided to check out the assassins guild website, and found a log of the attempts made throughout the game, found these reports:

Tuesday, 25 October

[17:00 PM] TheFunkyMonk went looking for Infinite Entropy.
TheFunkyMonk reports:

Dear Mr Umpire,

Realising that with my new found incompetent status somebody might actually try to assassinate me, I resolved to redeem myself by taking out one of my fellow incompetents, Gabriel Wu.

My journey began well enough. I made my way to his college and with the aid of a helpful passer by ascertained the location of his room. I then proceeded to lurk outside his stairwell while pretending to chat away on my mobile waiting for him to leave for dinner.

After about 20 minutes of this, my frustration grew the better of me and gripping my trusty RBG I knocked on his door.

No answer.... I then walked around the building and seeing that his lights were off realised that he was probably out. So I went home, reflecting on my incompetency.

Gabriel, I'll have another go at killing you tommorrow morning... probably around 8am. You'll recognise me as the fellow in the Christ's hoody... Would you mind being around this time?

The Funky Monk

Looks like I evaded death several times...
Looking through my blog entry, I was off to Hong King's birthday cookout that night. Recalled studying at Fitz and meeting Kenny at Churchill before making my way down for the cookout. So Funky Monk, whoever he is, never came close :P

Saturday, 29 October

[11:00 AM] scum buster lurked lectures for Infinite Entropy.
scum buster reports:

Knowing his desire to arrive 20 minutes early for lectures, I decided to beat this bumbling incompetent scum to the building for a brutal stabbing with no witnesses. On arriving, I noticed no one was there, and my intended target must have been in an even more incompetent mood than usual as he did not arrive to the building until I had enterd the lecture, where my razor sharp knife turned into a cheapo biro by magic. My intended target was a certain Mr. Gabriel Wu aka Infinite Entropy, he will not be so lucky on Monday, ha ha ha! (That's an evil, not jovial laugh!)

This one's scary, he's been tracking my habits :S
Quite lol too... "even more incompetent mood than usual"
Hm... where was I that morning???
Oh, I've been cooking for cell the previous night, so must have been quite tired that morning.

Just checked the police list, realised that it was Andy Davies, a fellow mathmo. Haha, tough luck to him :P

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Miscellaneous Pictures

Parkers Piece

Kings College

On Top of the CMS Building

Along the Road to the CMS

My End of Term Trinity College Tour

Statue of Isaac Newton - Inspirational

I always walk pass this monument on my way to the Trinity Maths Society lectures,
but up to now I have yet to find out what it is...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Cambridge Webcam

Found this interesting website on BBC. Have seen cameras planted all over Cambridge, but never thought that these cameras were accessible over the net!

Here are some live images from Cambridge:

King's College Chapel viewed from the University Library Tower

Market Square

Malaysia trip, PASSED Driving! Mugging, Mugging, Mugging...

Lots have happened since returning to Singapore, had a two driving lessons just days after touching down, went to Malaysia within the week I returned, came home to have another two more lessons, took the driving test, and PASSED!!! Met up with a few friends, got re-acquainted with my computer, re-discovered the comfort of studying in my room. That more or less sums up the last two weeks I've spent at home...

Post touch down, Pre Malaysia holiday
Was sleeping in the afternoons, and waking up at 3 am in the morning, still orientating myself to home... Had two driving lessons.

Paid a visit to Shian's house after one of those lessons... Had a great time catching up! Showed me what he's been up to since our paths parted after secondary school, He's a real genius!

I've always been a fan of his works, from his page flipping animation of prefects being mutilated by t-rexes, and Kremple being pursued by Apaches emerging from behind the hills, off the corner of the amaths textbook; to his computer animation, to his literary works...

Here's a sample of his genius that is available online...

HCH, if you're reading this, you might want to get in touch with this guy... He created an animation of a light saber fight, and he got the sound effects from a game! Chew on that!

Left for Malaysia on Thursday morning, before I could even get settled into life in Singapore...

Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, Cookout! Great time of retreat and reflection...
Us on the boh tea plantations of Cameron Highlands

So we were off to Malaysia in a Camry. The four of us, stuck together in an enclosed area for extended periods of time... Discovered, during this time, that my mother's been following every single entry in my blog since the day I left, and she knows more about my friends than I do cos she's been reading my friend's blog O_O. (Anyone linked to this blog who is adverse to a friends mother reading your blog, please let me know, I'll remove the link :P) She could even quote obscure portions of a thousand word entry from my past posts :S

In some ways it's a good thing, cos I need not spend money calling home, and they can be assured that I'm ok, and even know what's happening in my life. It even has a multiplier effect: I can keep my mother busy with reading my friend's blog ;) But just realised the potency of blogging. It can be dangerous if someone else other than your mother knew so much about you... Come to think of it, it's dangerous for your mother to know so much about you, let alone a stranger!

Anyway, the long car ride and discussion allowed me some time to reflect on what's been happening throughout the past two months in Cambridge, and helped me put things in perspective. It gave me an opportunity to withdraw myself from the tiring situation of having to constantly take care of my own needs, so that i can see, from a third person, how I can do things better... Came home with a few recipies (i.e. chicken soup, beef stew, and agar agar), and a renewed sense of purpose... I'll blog about the recipies and purpose in the days to come...

During our stay in Cameron highlands, we held a cookout to give my family a taste of my cooking! Cooked spghetti and tang yuan... Everyone liked it, if only because I was the chef...

I also got a chance to understand some of the differences between cooking spghetti in Cambridge and in Malaysia: In Cambridge, we are quite blessed to get fresh produce - from the beef to the mushrooms. The cost of making spghetti in Cambridge might actually be cheaper than making it in Malaysia! Cos the beef and the spghetti over there is very cheap... Also, I thought that somehow, the spghetti I cooked in Cambridge tasted nicer than the one I managed to churn out in Cameron Highlands.

Also did some mugging on the trip... Realised that participating in mindless activities in between studying aids in the digestion of the concepts. Activities like travelling on the road and watching TV actually are very good ways to relax and internalise the subject. I'll need to recreate such mindless activities in my room in Cambridge. Perhaps strumming on the guitar might help, I haven't tried that yet... Waiting for my cousin to return my guitar this Sunday before I perform the experiment.

Returned home on that Monday to have driving lessons the next day.

Driving lessons, Driving test, PASSED! Christmas party at Sam's house
Took another two lessons before sitting for the test... Did much better than before. My legs were still trembling during the test, but learnt how to keep my foot off the clutch and accelerator when it beginned to tremble. The tester hardly worked his pen while I was driving, and in the room, he just ticked a few boxes to give me some demerit points, and then he passed me! I was actually quite indifferent on the test day, a sentiment shared by some of my friends who retook their driving. So didn't really feel particularly happy when I passed. Just relieved that I don't have to worry about making arrangements for more driving lessons, and having to spend more money on it...

Went to Sam's house for his cell's christmas party, was nice to see everyone there - HCH, EZ, Hohohohoho, and a few new faces... Great to be with familiar people again...

Drove my father's car home after that event... drove it from bishan MRT home. Almost gave my mother a heart attack and my father had to pull the steering wheel several times! They remarked that I passed by a miracle, I don't disagree :P

At the end, I couldn't even park the car properly! I know vertical and pararel parking within 4 poles, but I can't park head on within the for corners of the parking lot!

Looks like I'll need a lot more practice...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back Home.

Ah, I seem to be perpetually having many things on my mind these days. Perhaps cos there's so many things happening...

Came back from Malaysia...

Having driving test tmr,

So much work to do!

Think I'll sort them out before I blog further...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Leaving Cambridge, Visiting Frankfurt, and Coming Home!

Leaving Cambridge

My room when I left

Meeting Alvin at the bus station.
It was a damp, misty morning.
Even our hair was wet from the mist!

Alvin, the shadowy figure standing with our luggages.

Heathrow Airport. The tag on my luggage.
Aptly reflects how I consider two different places home now...

Waiting at the holding area in Heathrow.

At Frankfurt International Airport

The Frankfurt Underground
First glimsp of the surface

Orange Clocktower


Christmas Market - Toys and Candies Galore!

Hot Wine

An Abandoned Railway

Lunch! For 10 euros.

View from the top of a tall building. Can't remember the name.

A closer shot of where we emerged from. Recall Orange Clock tower?

Nice building

Art Gallery Works... Like this one... KABOOM!

Changi Airport?

Returned to Changi Airport to be greeted by Janice Yiyi and family. Went for a buffet at the National Stadium area after. Came home to find kittens in my toilet! My sister was taking care of them for a friend...

Taken me a whole week to put up these pictures.

Leaving for Malaysia today with Janice Yiyi's family. Haven't been there for a long time! Since JC!!! Really looking forward to it! Will be back in 4 days time.

Oh yeah, just realised that my blog is still in London time... Gotta change it! So irritating.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Where Memories are Made...

...And Reputations Shattered for Life.

The Pilgrimage to Houghton Chapel

Kelvin and Joel - The Backseat Boys.

Jia Yao and David

Ben Taking a Picture

Arrival at Houghton Chapel

Let the Party Begin!

Supplies from Tesco!

Fine Dining

Right to Left: Jia Yao, Chun, Me!

Joel, Me. Joel's really talented! If only I could post video clips!

Kelvin, Me. Kelvin was assistant chef, did a great job!

Tim - The Chief Chef!

Yao Yu - the man of the party :P

My Group! Made up of Daniel, Me, Lisheng, EeMae, and Katie, who's not in the pic.
Regretfully, the shot's a bit blur. Hopefully I'll find a clearer pic...

Faithfulness and Gentleness doing their thing

Prepare the Firing Squad!

Take Cover!

And so Houseparty 2005 concluded with a group picture, I hope I get hold of more pictures. Would probrably be up on the CCCF Website soon.

Returned back to Cambridge feeling like I'm coming back to something welcoming and familiar, even though I've only been gone for 4 days, realised I'm beginning to feel attached to this place. Think that's the feeling I'll have on my subsequent trips back to Cambridge.

Managed a quick blog entry while I did my last minute departure preparation. Then was headed off to Germany!