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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Hm... chanced upon a televised performance by westlife in the B&B while in the lake district, and found that I really like their songs. Have been watching their clips on youtube...

guess it's because their songs remind me of my jc days...

Recall my class theme song, an excerpt of the lyrics:

Day after day I hear myself say
I'll do my tutorials another day...

but if I let you go I will never know
what my life will be without trigonometry
will I ever see an 'A' for chemistry
how will I know

Are there other nice bands out there? Found watching these performances a good way to destress :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Nice animations from my computational project =)

hm... doesnt animate so well... click on it and force reload(ctrl-f5) to watch =P

Animation program written in fortran, animated with gnuplot... and stitched with a certain 'Animation Shop 3'...


Sunday, November 04, 2007

The story of Joseph

Going through the story of joseph on sundays now...

Just a quick thought - in the days of joseph, people were plagued by famine, as they had no control over nature... These days, technology has advanced to the point that we are able to produce the food we need almost without being affected by the problems posed by nature, yet we are plagued by problems that seem equally beyond our control - our modern day famines take the form of economic crises.

Are we any better off than in joseph's time?

And they were playing songs from "Joseph and the amazing technicolour dream coat" after the service... Miss the songs! Does anyone have it??

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Midway through term - that was fast!

Wow, and half the term just sped by like that!

Just survived my first wave of heavy days... Had a full day on tuesday - spent 9 hours at the cavendish, 9am to 6pm, for 3 lectures, an example class, and a supervision. Another supervision today which ended with another natsci cookout - the kind organised by second years to welcome first years.

Working backwards, AFF on sunday was good... ah, cant really remember much before that...

Half the term's been quite good.... meeting people who would help me understand work... A lot of catching up to do, but there's hope that it'll go well...

Next two days will be busy too - preparing for temasek's dinner and discussion tmr, computational project and gotta come back and prepare food for cg on friday, then there's reading up for literature review...

CG: working through the book of matthew now, beginning from the beattitudes, and working through the parables...

The story of joseph on sundays, and romans at focus...

Term might go well, please keep praying for me...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oooo... Ratatouille - Behind the scenes.

The science behind chopping scenes in Raratoullie.

Stumbled on it while searching for ways to handle scalar fields for my computing project.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok a quick update on what's been going on...

Been busy... in part with this, as well as school work, which is been piling...

But before i forget, Houseparty's confirmed to be held on 3-6 December (Monday til Thursday), so daddy, can plan your trip around this date. Also, cant find my usb stick when i arraived; and realised that i dont have vit c with me, have been fluish for a while... can help me bring these items from home? Thanks.

It's been two weeks and a bit into school... trying to keep up with work. Had a few cookouts so far - 1 natsci, 1 with cumsa kids.

And had lunch at Lye Chong's place (a grad student at HH) on Sunday... He has a year old son, and he had a church friend from singapore visiting cambridge, whom he invited for lunch too...
Had children's christian music playing in the house, and other children's items like books and toys strewn around the house, bringing back to me recollections of the atmosphere during my own childhood... Met his son a couple of times before, but after playing with him during lunch last sunday, I'm beginning to feel a little attachment with him... oh no...

This term's snack is prob going to be Danish Butter Cookies... They are on offer (99 pences) at sainsburrys for the regular tin, it's usual price is 1.50 pounds. I think it's rather cheap... dunno how much they cost back in sg... Anyhow, it's better than 4 bars of basics chocolate, which i havent touched since i arrived.

And this term's meal would be chicken rice... very cheap and hassle free - usually marinate 3 chicken wings a meal (a pack of around 8 basics chicken wings cost under 1.50 pounds, so 3 chicken wings works out to 50p), then throw it in the rice cooker (with lettuce sometimes), and forget about it til i'm hungry... if i'm cooking with lettuce, would usually take it out afte about 10 mins. Blogging over a bowl of chicken rice now :P

Also i'm doing laundry manually this year, since they raised the price of using the washing machine to 1.40 pounds... It's quite therapeutic actually, good to do after getting bored with work.

Ok, a rather abrupt end to a disjoint post... it's two AM in the morning, and tomorrow's going to be a hactic day, with 5 hours at the cavendish... later...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Third Time

The clothes I'm bringing. From top left to bottom right:
1) Outing shirts (x5) - two collared shirts, one white long sleeves woollen shirt, one white striped shirt for formals, one white shirt.
2) Home clothes - 4 tops, 2 bottoms.
3) Outing t-shirts (x5)
4) Pants - 5 out door pants, 1 track pants, one berm
5) Towels - 2 bath, 2 face.

Just feel like keeping track of my clothes.

Should have more clothes over in cam... dont know why i'm bringing so many clothes also.

Here's my flight info in case anyone's interested... Who's arriving at LHR at 0550 too?
Singapore (SIN)
Thu, 27 Sep 2007 23:20

London (LHR)
Fri, 28 Sep 2007 05:50

Seat: 53A

Here we go again... Flying alone this time...
Bracing myself for another Cambridge year... *deep breath*

Friday, September 21, 2007

Physics Forums

Just found this:

might be a solution...

g ~ π2

Here's the answer to an interesting observation I made a while back.

Turns out that there is indeed an explanation for the apparent coincidence.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Go apple! Go orange! GO BANANA!

In case anyone was wondering, here's the origin of the above timeless quote that appears on my msn nick.
Occurs 5 minutes into the clip.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Catching up on blogging after a long haitus

Wrapped up my attachment on friday with the End of Attachment Presentation...

The 9 weeks on the job was colossally enriching!

Wrote an entire package in Matlab, concorting meshing algorithms, solving underlying problems mathematically, and implementing their solutions computationally. Learned to handle geometric models with nodes, lines, surfaces and elements.

Also read up on the topic "Computations with discrete forms". Some terms used in the topic for future search reference: Barycentric Coordinates, Whitney Forms, Hodge Star, deRham Complex - chain & cochain complexes, a primal and its dual, (discrete) forms.
Set of two Caltech lecture ppts on the topic: Calculus on Meshes 1, Calculus on Meshes 2

Met another intern studying at Stanford who is interested in exactly the same physics as me - QFT and it's likes. Managed to learn up some solid state physics together. It's such a joy to have just one other person with the same mind. Having one other person to affirm concepts at crucial points in a topic can help accelerate the learning process very substancially, something which my situation in Cambridge has left me sorely deficient. Hope it gets better next year.

Spent Saturday, the day after my internship ended, spring cleaning my computer.

Sorted out the documents and programs I have, as well as my music files... itunes duplicates my music each time it reindexes them when i reformat the computer, and it's quite irritating for a song to be played 4 times in a row.

Installed some programing utilities during this round of laptop spring cleaning:
Created a seperate account to code in so that the files can be managed more neatly,
and quite interested in the recent developments at google, in particular the introduction of Google Code, the release of Google Web Toolkit, and Google Calander API. Can now port over the reliability of the google calander to php webpages!

Also keeping an eye out on the developments of Octave, the open source equiv of Matlab. Looks like there is quite a concerted effort in making it run as well as Matlab. Waiting for the version 3 release. Found an editor, SciTE that works for quite a good number of languages - php and matlab among them. And re-exploring java programming along with the previously mentioned gwt.

Looking to next year
Also bearing in mind the course requirements for next year, including the computational component in fortran, as well as all the other topics. Need to translate what I have into gains on my grades! Really hope to find next year's course engaging and its requirements enjoyable to fulfill. Cant see how it's going to come about given the previous two years... Still, hope dies hard.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Just implemented an optimisation code to minimise the lengths of the lines joining the points...

And here's my optimised star!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some nice images from my internship

Just finished writing a 2D meshing algorithm in Matlab. Here are some visually appealing results generated from the code:

Reckon that these images look rather mundane to most people.

Beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder :)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


ok, here's an update of hols...

been quite busy, with a day job, and trying to keep in touch with everyone in the evenings and weekends, as well as catching up on last year's work while the luxury of home lasts... Hence the lack of blogging.

have uploaded some pics of eastern europe, but it's still not very presentable yet, need captioning, or at least sort them out in some kind of logical order. but have yet to find the time to do all of those.

upcoming happenings include visiting SAJC on 15 Aug 1430 to help with the UK talk... Anyone interested to come, please call!

work's been good... picking up loads. worked on my linux box remotely from work for a while, installing the simulation program, and running some simulations on it. now utilising programs like matlab, gid, to try to set the problem up - generating the geometry of the problem, as well as the finite element meshing. Supervisor's also really nice, working together on a kinda equal footing to solve problems. Have been communicating with him in chinese, and i'm finding myself thinking in chinese whenever i subconsciously run through the problems! :S like "de2 dao4 le4 zhou1 wei2 de4 nodes yi3 hou4 jiu4 ke2 yi3 qiu2 geometry de4 ping2 jun1" and "magnetisation hui4 chong2 zheng4 de4 bian4 dao4 fu4 de4".

managed to meet up with many people this holiday too!
  • Sec sch classmates at Jonathan's send off just days after I returned - alvin, daniel, shawn foo were there.
  • JC classmates, on a couple of occasions. Jimmy, Chintee, Izz, hanes. Board gamed, and had prata at bukit timah.
  • Scouts, on a few occasions too. Shamir, varun, tsang, for a board gaming session; plus juniors Wilson, yiming, gerald, austin, sherman, during shamir's send off.
  • Everyone in church! during the r-age 10th anniversary the day after touch down.
  • CF people - daniel, lish, ben, lauren, charles, during the bbq and a dinner.
Also walked the length of orchard after confluence, to see the ferris wheel, and popped by the newly refurbished museum. They have quite an interesting exhibit on singapore food, complete with a sample of the smells! Watched the simpsons too! but wasnt very good. As jon puts it, it has too much storyline for a simpsons cartoon.

so on the whole, hols have so far been quite fulfilling. would be quite busy still, making the most of the time in sg, as well as accomplishing other things like temasek website and updating links on this blog. blogging might also continue to be sparse.

signing off...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fedora for the home PC!

Just installed linux on my pc at home. Thanks to HCH for helping me with the installation and orientating me to the interface. Intending to use it mainly as a server for me to back my data up.

Gotta equip it with and test out the following:
LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, to provide the web serving capabilities, mainly to provide nice interfaces for the data I'd be backing up (e.g gallery2 for pictures)...

Ftp Server (filezilla maybe) - to upload my data for backing up.

Telnet perhaps, so that I can execute commands on the computer remotely.

The kind of data I intend to back up fall mainly under into the following categories:
1) Pictures + clips.
2) Music.
3) Movies + games.
4) other files, like word/excel/pdf documents.
5) Installers - I'll back up the installation files of all the programs that I find reliable on my home computer, so that whenever I reformat my computer, I'll have a one-stop location to download the installers I need. Gotta make a list of programs that serve well. Currently looking for a gif animator, and it's been quite difficult to find a good one, I need flash! Also, just found a good Audio File Converter Program, Switch and wavepad.

Have been using them to work on the webpages I'm mastering... Which has been occupying me since I returned.

CCCF website: changed the banner, added a little icon, changed the music, and now I'm hoping to create a little flash applet to synchronize changing pictures with the music. Did a little javascripting on it.

Temasek website: Touched up the look of the 'latest articles' and 'latest comments' panels, and hoping to touch up on the banner, and the aesthetics of the page in general. Did some MySQLing on it.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Just returned in the morning after 2 weeks of traveling... loads to consolidate - pictures, the trips, my belongings, my work, the internship.

Airport experience was interesting. Checked in rather late, though still within the stipulated time, but was held back by immigration due to an increased alert level (perhaps because of the bomb scare in London). Queued for immigration till past the flight timing of 12, and was given an "advance to go card" soon after 12pm.

Thankfully was able to check in my slightly over the weight limit baggage, perhaps because the airport staff was concerned with the above stated more pressing matters. Upon check in, we were instructed to go straight through security and immigration, and not to loiter in the shops.

K, lots to do now. Trip pics to be up soon (hopefully).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

sigh... 2-2 ;(

in austria now..

just found out my result... not good at all... but guess that means there´s more room for improvement next year... tough year this one was... :(

hope i can still do theoretical physics... ok time´s running out...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ok, this is it...

moving the remaining life support systems out of my room soon - my laptop, fan, bedsheets. Will be down to my bare traveling necessities.

wont be able to access the internet so frequently til i reach home, but there should be internet cafes along the way.

Departing tmr morning at 3, and my itinerary is as previously posted.

Will be contactable on my sg number.

Also, just realized that I'll be exceeding the weight limit by a lot (my luggage weighs 35 kg, and that's not counting the laptop, and traveling baggage), from all the goodies I'm carrying home. Daddy, can help me ask SIA for extra baggage allowance? thanks.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back from portugal, with a bottle of Port!!!

Just returned from Portugal this morning - visited Porto, Lisbon & Sintra.

Quite a packed trip... felt like we accomplished a lot in the short span of 4 days.

The highlight was perhaps visiting a brewery in Porto. Sandeman, the brewery name was.

Appreciated how Port is actually grape juice that is partially fermented (as compared with wine which is fully fermented grape juice), to produce alcohol yet leaving some sugar to give it the sweet taste. Bought a bottle, for everyone back home to try! So prepare to get drunk :P

Also learnt that Port wine is named after the city of Porto, which is so named because it's a port. And a port is a gateway or entrance.

Will be packing up, and leaving in the next few days for Eastern Europe.

Also, got the reply from astar, and will be doing an internship with them again over summer. Quite looking forward to that...

yup, not too long now, will be home in another 2 weeks! see everyone soon...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Leaving for Portugal in a while

Consuming simple ovened dinner and leaving for portugal in the wee hours of the morning. Will be gone for 3 days, back for 3 days, gone for 12 days, back for one night, and finally departing for home!

Here are my itineraries for Portugal and Eastern Europe.

Was reading through my post exam posts last year. This time last year, Chai Seng gugu was here! Took them round cambridge, and drove up to kings lynn.

Went to London with ken, lionel and serene for a few days the following week, packed up and left for Italy on the 21st, learned of my result on the 24th, and was home on the 29th. Coming full circle this time round, with London replaced by Portugal, and Italy by Eastern Europe.

And... My room looks like a warzone!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Have been done with exams for close to a week now... And have been quite productive since then...

Sorting out stuff, packing my room, looking into travel arrangements, buying goodies to bring home, just consolidating my two years in Cambridge. I'm quite glad to have the time to do these leisurely...

Lets see, since the exams ended on friday morning, i've...

Friday, 1 Jun:
slacked friday afternoon away, recuperating.
Crashed garang sheep, helped them cook. visited joel's place after cg...

Saturday, 2 Jun:
Slept til late. went for brunch, think i slacked the afternoon away, prob listening to bbc and cbs podcasts. Had dinner with keng rui and irene. Went to Shawn's place to watch "Troy". Daniel was there too... "War is young man dieing, and old man talking". Stayed til 1.30 am.

Sunday, 3 Jun:
Brunch at 9 with joel, su-ann, celene. Made french toasts and pancakes.
Church, lunch, didnt really do much the afternoon. Dinner with keng rui.

Monday, 4 Jun:
settled errands, returned the library books, booked formal hall tickets, practiced a little for cf worship. Went to town to leave guit with WS, did some banking. was listening to bbc podcasts. Went to help with the food prep for cf at 1630, got some boxes from sains, had worship practice at 1800. CF til late, went to play com games at daniel's place after til around 2am.

Tuesday, 5 Jun:
Sorted out travel arrangements, went to print documents (hostel bookings, maps) at the CMS... Attended focus, went to visit aloysius to do maths. Thought of traveling on a cheaper airline here next year, emirates, say. And thought of going to Greece, Cyprus and Turkey next Christmas, and France, Germany and Belgium next Easter.

Wednesday, 6 Jun:
Did some packing up, bought goodies to bring home, found out about national express tickets, going to buy them soon. Suddenly felt like i was spending a lot of money. Now trying to keep track of all my expenditure.

For the goodies,

The big boxes of cookies were 2 for 5 pounds. (5.00 x 2)
Short cake was 0.79. (0.79 x 2)
Milk chocolate butter, the one on the left was 2 for 2 pounds (2.00 x 2)
Shortbread was 2 for 3.50, i think. (3.50 x 1)
McVites Boasters was 2 for 0.99. Bought 6. (0.99 x 3)

Spent 22.05 on goodies to bring home. You guys back home, please tell me if the bargains were good and if i should buy more of them back. But my luggage is already half full with the food. Going to be hard to squeeze more in it.

For the packing, thinking of getting a plastic box for my "lever arch files". They cost 10.99 pounds. Need to get more boxes too. And transport to caius will cost another 11 pounds.

Then there's money to be changed, and tickets to be bought.

Kinda looking forward to going back in summer to work, and make a little living for myself. Also thinking of all the other things i need to do in summer - go through the materials for this year and next, gre's, tuition, playing - all the movies to catch, and showing sam what i've learned this year :D

Towards the near future:

Continue with all the preparation and packing, and going for a briefing for a demonstration i'll be going for on friday.

Taking part in a school visit to do some science demonstration. will be interesting, and will occupy my mornings and afternoons.

Preparing for the trip on sunday. Make sure all the errands are run.

Sunday to Tuesday:
Will be in Portugal.

Wednessday to Saturday:
Will be back in cam, attending garden parties, and packing up for good.

Sunday, 17 to Thursday, 28:
Will be in Eastern Europe.

Thursday, 28:
Arriving back in cam.

Friday, 29:
Departing for Singapre!!!

Saturday, 30:
Will be sleeping on my bed for the first time in 9 months!

Wow! that was an entire month in one post!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Done. Phew!

An update on the exam:

a couple of bad papers - Adv Physics Paper 2, Physics Paper 1.
a few not too bad papers - both math papers, Adv Physics paper 1.
and a good paper - Physics Paper 2, a little miracle, i must say...

feeling average, on the whole...

About Physics Paper 2, had read up the part 2 quantum mechanics and found the first 4 lectures a very good summary of the stuff we need to learn for first year, plus got inspired to the rationale behind some of the calculations, and was able to do the 2 questions required quite fully during the exams... :)

Thank God for that...

Now there's so many things to do... Had a bad post-exam start today... cg formal didnt work out... they changed the schedule, so now we'll have to take stock and see what can be done about it... Sigh.. think i'll go cg first, have a good rest tonight, and start to see what else needs to be done tomorrow morning...

To those still mugging away, jia you!
To the people back home, I'm on the home stretch! See everyone soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"The brain is not a receptacle"

I remember the advice my JC principal used to give during assembly on study technique - she would urge us to understand the material and not try to cram the material wholesale and regurgitate it during the exams. Well, I'm now finding myself doing exactly what she advised against - frantically copying my notes by the topics in the hope that some of it gets retained.

Less than a week to the exams, and i'm tossing the learning habit that has brought me to cambridge out the window - waiting for the lightbulb to illuminate understanding to a topic, the apple to fall on the head, simply aint happening fast enough to keep pace with what i've gotta know...

Just realised how badly I lack knowing the content, and frantically trying to make up for that.


pebble bed nuclear reactor

just came from a research seminar on the future of nuclear power, took back this interesting development - a pebble bed nuclear reactor...

basically uranium enclosed in a shell to keep the hazardous by-products inside.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Theoretical Physics Material

To occupy me over the hols...

Theoretical Physics 2

on the Cavendish Teaching Page

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hm... That didnt quite last me through the exams. Went to tescos today to get resupply.

Laid out in its full gory

Saturday, May 12, 2007

An interesting paper

Hey HCH, check this paper out...

The Ghost in the Browser - Analysis of Web-based Malware

Written by guys at google researching malicious websites.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

A medical account

Just a log of what can happen from drinking too much milk... Writing it in response to Sam's post.

The incident happened last week, 5 May 07, incidentally exactly two years after my ORD'ing.

Was rather stuck with work last Saturday, felt kinda cooped up in my room because there was little happening - the usual Saturday frisbee session had been canceled from lack of response. Impulsively, I took myself on a jog.

Didnt take me long to find my legs quite dysfunctional.

Along the way, bumped into keng rui and yaofeng, a first year medic. They were also running. Yaofeng advised that drinking milk should help in the recovery of orthopedic problems, because of its calcium content.

Went to sains with Keng Rui subsequently, to get microwave dinner. Got myself 2 pints of milk too. Proceeded to keng rui's to make dinner, and in typical me fashion, from the after exercise thirst and hunger, and the desire to fix my leg, I finished the two pints of milk over the course of the dinner.

Back in my room, two hours later, I felt a churning in my stomach... Moments later, I was, putting it as euphemistically as possible, vomiting milk through the excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal.

The call to nature felt particularly urgent when it happened, but it wasnt tormenting. In fact, it was a rather interesting experience :P

Eugene, a second year medic, explained the phenomena as the kidneys displacing the milk, instead of filtering it. Wonder if that is what happens to lactose intolerant people when they drink milk...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Taking Stock

Ok, 3 more weeks to the exam, and the fact is starting to hit me hard!

3 subjects - maths, physics, advance physics, and all i can say is that i think i'm only decently prepared for maths, and still need to do a lot more work for both physics. Still cant do quantum mechanics!!!

On a bright note, received my lab report last Friday at the "Head of Class Meeting", and the Head of Class was rather pleased with my work! A great contrast to the lab report I handed in last term.

Looking beyond the exams, summer and MIT plans did not work out, but that's good too. Means more time back home, and will be a comfortable year ahead.

- Looking for something worthwhile to do over summer. Eying two Astar research institutes - Data Storage Institute, and Institute of Micro Electronics, or perhaps a DSO internship. Could pop by the Quantum Computing Group at nus too! Will be borrowing the book "Structure Computer Organization" home over summer, and hoping to gain lots from it!

- Also thinking that I might like to teach, either at SAJC, or at NUS High School. Could also take up a few tuition students. But hope that I'd still be able to teach properly despite not having teaching as a day job.

- And think i'd attempt the GRE's this summer, in case I decide on graduate studies in the US after my third or fourth year.

- Just received an email from the Investment Club about an investment game. Thought it might be a good way to be introduced to the stuff of investment banking.

Wild Idea
Next year will be a lot more comfortable now that I wont be going to MIT. Should be much better prepared for the work I'd be facing. Thinking of how I might make more full use of my time next year, and a wild idea came to mind - Rowing!

Physiotherapist appointment last Tuesday diagnosed cartilage problems with my right knee and left ankle, attributed the problem to flat feet, and wear and tear of the joints, probably arising from prolonged marches with heavy loads. Tried running today, out of sheer lethargy, and found the legs still rather problematic.

I thought that with my legs in this state, rowing might be a good low impact sport to engage in. And what better way to experience the Cambridge tradition, plus enforce a disciplined routine and a healthy lifestyle than rowing?

Might try it in Michaelmas, and see how well my life wraps round it. If my whole routine collapses on me from the commitments, then I'd just cease it after the term.

Immediate Future
As of now, need to craft emails to the A-star Institutes, and beg them to give me an internship. Then it's off to mug, *wheeze*, mug ,*deep breath*, mug, *exhale*.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beyond Basics

I went nuts today, and got myself this:

1.7 kg of chocolate!

Laid out in it's full gory!

To last me through the exams and beyond!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Laptop Spring Cleaning continued

There's something wrong with Live Messenger, and it's rather annoying.

For some reason, after a while (in the order of days), there would be connection problems by the name "81000306".

Tried searching windows live account help to solve the problem, but the documentation's quite unsatisfactory.

Tried signing in on webmessanger, and it worked. Worked on the old windows messenger as well. So figured that the problem was the IM Client itself - Windows Live Messenger. Reinstalled it, and now it works. But I wonder how long this will last before giving more problems.

Thus, I'm now looking for alternative IM clients. Found Google talk, but havent found out that they support msn, and I'm thinking of gaim, but not sure if it's compatible with windows.

MSN fouling up again.
Installed Trillian.

Addendum 010507:
Dangit! The problem was indeed Norton anti-virus!
This page was helpful, though rather retarded.

Changed the setting on norton for MSN messenger to "Permit All" and now it works.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Laptop Spring Cleaning

Just wiped out my entire hard disk with system restore, and reinstalled all my programs... Here's my installation log for future reference.

28 Apr 07:
Copied entire "My Documents" folder.
Copied entire "Installers" folder.

28 Apr 07:
Configured Internet Explorer -
LAN Settings >
Automatically connect to:

28 Apr 07:
Installed Thunderbird.

Configured Account following instructions on

Configured local email archives folder.

28 Apr 07:
Installed Firefox
Configured LAN Settings.
Downloaded Firefox 2.
Installed Firefox 2.

Configured download folder.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Windows Live Messanger.
Installed Windows Live Messanger.

Configured Live Messanger:
Group offline contacts together.
Hide Tabs.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Google Desktop.
Installed Google Desktop.

Configured gadgets.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded itunes.
Installed itunes.
Music and Podcasts already existing, as organised in the "itunes folder".

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Filezilla 2.2.32.
Installed Filezilla.

Need to recover account usernames and passwords for:
Username and password in old email.
Configuration successful.
need to recover infomation in summer.


28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Open Office 2.2.0.
Installed Open office.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Skype 3.1.
Installed Skype 3.1.

Now my laptop feels brand new!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sainsbury Mathematics! Start of term, and stuff.

Just got two packets of salmon for 2 p today! Thanks to some loophole in the sainsbury reduced system. Details of loophole on Yijin's Blog.

Term's beginning tomorrow. It's that time of the year in Cambridge, stressful times, time to put faith to practice, learn to trust the future to God.

Doing the book of Ecclesiastes in CF, and the book of Exodus at focus. This term is a good time to re-evaluate our pursuits, and put what we are doing in eternal perspective. And Exodus reminds us that God is soverign in all situations.

Yup, and i'm currently playing around with other versions of linux, installing fedora as I blog now. Will put screenshots in due time :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

That was quick!

Yay! Successfully ran Kubuntu on a virtualmachine player.

By following the instructions on this page.

And thanks rob, for informing me about the HUGE repository of Linux packages available for download on the srcf. I'm gonna familiarise myself with the installation of linux, and set up a suitable version on my home computer when i return in summer.

I love the way this allows one to install entire OS'es without worrying about spoiling a thousand dollar machine.

Also like how one may be able to get into a particular (i.e. programming) frame of mind in a linux environment, and switch out if it almost instantaneously, with a virtual machine. Think I'll look for a pet virtual machine to do my programming in, and conduct all such operations in that mode.

Path to Linux

Ok, successfully recovered my computer... But lost some info, like my old emails... it may be hiding somewhere but couldnt search it out...

Anyway thought i needed to really unwind cos i have been getting nowhere but stressed with work, and tried to install C&C3 with an original cd borrowed from Yiliang.

It doesnt work, and I've since tried updating my graphics card driver, and C&C3 itself. Having problems updating C&C3.

Have moved on to trying to run linux as a virtual machine using VMware Converter, as advised by shawn. Stumbled upon this page, which I hope will lead to a successful implementation of virtual linux on this computer.

Lets see...

Summer Plans

Ok, have a few objectives to achieve this summer-

1) Play C&C3.
2) Install Linux on my home computer
3) Read the book Structured Computer Organization, 5/E
4) Read up on mathematical methods for physicist.
5) Hopefully find an internship at dsta
6) Do up the temasek soc webpage, and find a calendar.

And Yiliang, my neighbour, actually bought the original C&C3 in england for 34.00 pounds!!! I really feel like borrowing it from him to help unwind!!! ahhh!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hit by virus, and considering converting to linux.

Ok, this is it. End of the road for microsoft.

Got hit by a virus sent as a link by a friend over msn. Link is DONT TRY IT!!!

it downloaded the file "the winners game.exe"

Dont know why i was so off guard to the point of running the executable file. Maybe cos he was also a mathmo and i thought it's one of his creations. But since then, my com has been getting increasingly laggy. Ran system restore, but it's still not working properly.

And I realised that I haven't gotten myself any antivirus programs on this computer.

Now I'm thinking of the main functions of this computer...

I use it mainly for the internet, msn, skype, and email.

As well as maintain websites, all of which will not be a problem on linux... I connect to the server using filezilla.

I need a pdf reader, which shouldnt be too difficult to replace on a linuxbox, and I'm already using openoffice, and gimp.

I also would need a music player, to replace itunes, one which will play my m4a files.

And, find out if the OS would be competible with all the usb devices I am using - my camera, palm; and all the cards - sound, webcam. And the dvd player, which I have never used.

Also, if I am intending to game, I'd need to find out how the games would be competible with the version of linux i'm using.

Main games would be dota, and C&C3, if i get it during the holidays.

Come to think of it, maybe I shouldnt wipe out the whole OS, but install linux on a seperate partition. See if that's possible.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Definition of a Geek

Abstract from Wikipedia:
The definition most common among geeks themselves is: "one who is primarily motivated by passion," indicating somebody whose reasoning and decision making is always first and foremost based on his personal passions rather than things like financial reward or social acceptance. Geeks do not see the typical "geeky" interests as interesting, but as objects of passionate devotion. The idea that the pursuit of personal passions should be the fundamental driving force to all decisions could be considered the most basic shared tenet among geeks of all varieties. Geeks consider such pursuits to be their own defining characteristic.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Visited shawn last night, and chatted bout geeky stuff til 3 am!

Talked about many things including:

whois, and
Andrew S. Tanebaum and his book, Structured Computer Organization, 5/E. Thinking of getting my library to buy it for me to read over summer.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The past week since arriving back in cambridge has been quite fruitful. Had a few cookouts - natsci, dota, watched a two movies - Singapore Dreaming, screened by Temasek Soc, and Amazing Grace tonight. Dota cookout came with an 8 hour overnight lanning session which ended this morning at 7am.

Also had a supervision, and managed to get some revision done; and booked a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning to fix my leg.

Past week in summary:
Wednessday, 11 - Supervision, and the Natsci cookout.

Thursday, 12
- Slept over at aloysius's place, and had temasek meeting that morning at caius.

Friday, 13
- Temasek Soc Movie screening

Saturday, 14 - Dota Cookout + overnight lanning marathon.

Sunday, 15 - Marathon ends at 7am. Slept til 12. Did some work, went to church at 5. Dinner at christ's college, thanks to the nice christ's people like dingdong, ryan, shirley and sara. Watched Amazing Grace after.

And beginning to plan for a trip to eastern europe - Czech republic, Austria and Hungary, after term ends, and should be returning on the 29 June flight.

Have watched quite a number of shows in cambridge this year. About 3, i recall -
1) Night at the Museum in Grafton center, with Soonhui, Samuel, Eemae (the higher ground people).
2) Mission Impossible, Casino Royale. At that place near homerton, with cg people.
3) Amazing Grace. With whole bunch of christ's and garang sheep people today.

This to add to Mission Impossible 3 i watched with Darryl and the Trinity hall mathmos after tripos last year.

Yup, that's quite a comprehensive consolidation of the week and my entertainment expenditure so far.

Friday, April 13, 2007

What I've been busy with...

This! :

As well as trying to keep up with work, having cookouts, and trying to order my life.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Now Playing: Glory To The King

Lord, my heart cries out glory to the King.
My greatest love in life I hand You everything.
E A E A G Em A A/G
Glo-ry, glo-ry, I hear the angels sing.

Open my ears, let me hear Your voice,
To know that sweet sound, Oh my soul rejoice.
E A E A G Em A A/G
Glo-ry, glo-ry, I hear the angels sing.

D/F# G Em Em/D
You're a Father to the fatherless,
A/C# D G
The answer to my dreams.
A/C# D G
I see You crowned in righteousness.
C C/B Asus A A/G
We cry glory to the King.
D/F# G Em Em/D
Comforter to the lone-ly,
A/C# D G
The lift-er of my head.
A/C# D G
I see You veiled in majesty,
D/A A A/G F#m7 G
We cry glo - ry, glo - ry,
F#m7 Em7 Asus A D
We cry glory to the King.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pics Up!

Easter holiday pics are up! Peterborough, Austria, and Word Alive. Yet to caption and order them, but here it is anyway.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Back from Word Alive

Came back yesterday from word alive. Nice relaxing time, especially being in the slackest caravan, where Caravan Unity == Skipping Big Start together for french toasts :P

Caravan 12 casually taking a photo
while the others were deligently attending Big Start
under the tent in the background.

Yes, Shenglong's really hilarious.

Completed a series on the thematic study of the bible, studied the book of Philippians, and sat through a lecture series on the trinity. Philippians shall be my next favourite book... Wanted to get the cds of the surmon, but it's 18 pounds!!! Maybe I'll wait til next year, and hope to find it at a discounted price.

Came across, during the trinity talks, big words like Epistemology, the study of the truth, and many greek words like hypostasis, substance, which I understood the meaning momentarily. And a word which rang a bell - ousia "thingness of a thing" i recalled from michelle's msn nick.

Good chat with shenglong on phillosophy, learnt a few songs from ryan, and Agnes makes really nice sesame oil chicken and dark soy sauce pork! Need to get the recipe from her! :P

Have been rather busy since returning. Need to sort out banking matters, Temasek Society website, and catch up with lots of work. Also need to see the doctor about my knee... so annoying.

And yes, upload pictures of my trips this Easter holidays - to Peterborough, Austria and Word Alive! Will do that soon.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here today, gone tomorrow.

The effects of 5 days on the mountains

Just returned from Salsburg. Good trip, albeit a little pricy and the fact that I sprained my knee. Nothing serious, think it was an existing problem, recovering, but I know that I'm not going back skiing under foreseeable circumstances.

Photos and narration after i return from word alive which begins in about 8 hours time!

Did two days of skiing, and 3 days of contemplating complex methods in the alps, which was quite fruitful.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Departing for Austria tomorrow

Will be in the alps in a few hours... Skiing for 5 days... Will be contactable on my sg number.

See everyone in a bit!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Whoa... this is serious sh*t!

Visitor DetailUnique Visitors
Visitor IP Address
Date 23 Mar, Fri, 21:11:35 Net Speed Corporate/T1
Organization Admin OFC US Courts Browser MSIE 6
Continent North America Operating System Windows XP
Country United States Screen Resolution 1280x1024
State / Region Texas Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)
City Houston Javascript Enabled
Search Engine Google
Keywords barrister, pasteiner, robert, john

Interesting log

Ooooo... My post about the hermes spam rang bells in the Korean army based in the US... I wonder who is really behind this BARRISTER PASTEINER ROBERT JOHN guy...

Visitor DetailUnique Visitors
Visitor IP Address
Date 23 Mar, Fri, 08:57:57 Net Speed Corporate/T1
Organization HHC, 1st Signal Brigade Browser MSIE 6
Continent North America Operating System Windows XP
Country United States Screen Resolution 1152x864
State / Region Armed Forces Pacific Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)
City Apo Javascript Enabled
Search Engine Google
Keywords barrister, pasteiner, robert, john

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peterborough. and other stuff.

Term's over, things are winding down, but I've succeeded in keeping myself rather busy for the past week. Visited Peterborough with Ling and Shagnik, two fitz mathmos, yesterday. Saw the chathedral and museum there, and the river nene.

Learnt a bit of English history at the Peterborough Cathedral - it's where Catherine of Argon, the first of King Henry the Eighth's six wives, was buried.

In the Cathedral, outside the Cathedral, and Guildhall

The museum was fun - not very large, and not many displays, but lots of children's exhibits (read: toys!) hung around to play a while, and walked to river nene after lunch.

Roman Soldier!

River Nene

That's about all for yesterday (wednessday).

Rather occupied since term ended on Thursday...
Friday was date of submission of lab report, followed by combined CG.
Saturday. Helped out in the science festival.Was setting off air rockets, and building bridges.

Air Rockets and Bridge Building!

Launching the water propelled air rocket!

Dinner with Aloysius and Yaofeng after, followed by a 2.5 hour munchkin session at yiliang's.

Went to church, lunch with david green, went jogging to grantchester with ling, attended a recital at wolfson.
Monday. Tutor meeting, and relaxed.
Tuesday. Went to work on computing project, bumped into caius and christ's people on the way to sainsburys, joined them for dinner, and hung out at aloysius's with felix, aloysius's jewish neighbour, after. Learnt a fair bit about the formation of Israel. Stayed til 2.
Wednessday. woke up at 7.20 for an 8 am coach ride to Peterborough. Returned around 5. Temasek soc meeting at night til late.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hermes got spammed!

just saw the first piece of spam in my university mail account, which until now has been spotlessly clean!

The title was
"HELLO IS ME ,......................"

from a certain

There have been parallel reports of exactly the same email from other hermes users. If you've been hit, please tag so we'll know how widespread this contagion is :P

Oh me oh my! I hope the university computing service does something about this soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Season for Renewal

End of lent term term, the season for AGM's, passing of batons, and the assumption of fresh, exciting new roles.

The past week saw the handover of a few positions I've been growing rather attached to, and perhaps becoming quite weary from... Tuesday was the archims AGM, and tonight was CG/CF handover.

Monday also marked the last of my 6 crazy Mondays, and 14 x 8 = 112 hours of practical. It's been a very tiring marathon, these crazy mondays, but it's the kind that one feels really refreshed from. Also really glad to have Darryl as lab partner, will miss these lab sessions with him :(
(and to quote sam: "omg, your hair so IMBA!" :P)

I have my lab report due on Friday, as a fitting way to wrap up my stint as an experimentalist.

Also, held the first Temasek society event on Thursday - discussion of GST increase, and of the Singapore budget. Thought it went quite well...

Feel a tinge of loss, each time I relinquish a position. They have each been really fulfilling. Guess that's life, hardly anything is permanent, and things that are permanent turn stale. The Cambridge cycle has a period which just about maximizes the utility of each term.

On a seperate note, some of the other things i'd been up to since i last blogged properly: went to shawn's place to watch the moon turn red last saturday, and jogged to grantchester yesterday. Love the spring temperature and sunshine, perfect for exercising outdoors, and the flowers and scenary adds to the cheerful mood.

Also, kinda impulsively found myself on a ski trip to austria in easter.

Speaking of which, there'll be a few pursuits to occupy me during the holidays -
1) Revision, lots of it.
2) Temasek Society Website,
3) Sorting out thoughts on the truth hypothesis,
4) Big admin matters like summer and next year's arrangements - banking, air tickets, storage, etc.

Ok, there's a long update on the past week. Holidays are almost here, and feel the relief of having much of the responsibilities weighing me down for a year being removed, and the satisfection of having been a good steward.

So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 8:15

Also have been very glad to have very intensive bible study opportunities here in Cambridge. Have been studying 1 Cor at focus this year, and 1 Peter in CF, the book of Daniel last year. These are some books I've found myself growing quite familiar with on top of my existing favourite books of Romans, James and Ecclesiastes.

Yup, quite a long update after a long haitus from proper blogging.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm impressed, hch! Go do IT at Singapore poly and pwn everyone in the course!!! You have my support!

And here's a sample of his doing - Feederbox 1.o!!!


Saturday, March 03, 2007


Yesterday, I spotted ducks mating in the river.

Last night, I dreamt of budgies taking a dive.

One wonders how the brain makes these connections.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Encryption protocol

Just found this in my inbox from shawn...

It's basically RSA without having to agree on the parameters beforehand! It's called diffiehellman.


I wonder why I havent come across it as a mathmo...


Even a science superhero has dreams...

Stephen Hawking's wish of a lifetime

GIMP, and a little reflection on my ambition

Decided to dabble in photo editing a little.

Just got myself GIMP.


A whole lot of GIMP resources recommended by shawn...

Photoediting would be a very useful complimentary skill to have along with webdesign... Just need the time to pick it up.

And google says I need more programming experience to be hired. No time to acquire that, so I guess I wont be a google engineer unless I make a drastic change in my pursuits!

For now, I still wanna be a theoretical physicist, not an investment banker or a programmer. Had considered the other options as possible detours should the original route be too difficult to make a living off, but looks like it's not so easy to switch either. I still have teaching as a career to fall back on, and I could always go into some kind of applied science research if I find that appealing.

Or I might be a barber! :D

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Milgram Experiment

Came across this at the weekly wednessday night research seminar in college...'ed it...

Milgram Experiment

Malaysia Night

Oh, I forgot to mention attending malaysian night on saturday... And was the performance good!

Here's a clip of the performance on YouTube.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DIM Haircut!!!

(Did It MYSELF! Haircut!)

Here's the result:


Some admin tuesdays, I vacuum the floor, every three admin tuesdays, i do my laundry.

Today, I cut my hair. MYSELF!!! Woot!

Thanks to Chun for the clipper :D

Not bad for a first time huh? Heh, couldnt go very wrong with a crew cut... Took me about an hour to do conduct the operation. The process felt like a bulldozer falling trees. The clipper can get quite stuck at times, but I've saved 9 pounds, and feel a whole lot more relieved!!!

Next item on my inventory would be my own clipper! :P