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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Just implemented an optimisation code to minimise the lengths of the lines joining the points...

And here's my optimised star!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some nice images from my internship

Just finished writing a 2D meshing algorithm in Matlab. Here are some visually appealing results generated from the code:

Reckon that these images look rather mundane to most people.

Beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder :)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


ok, here's an update of hols...

been quite busy, with a day job, and trying to keep in touch with everyone in the evenings and weekends, as well as catching up on last year's work while the luxury of home lasts... Hence the lack of blogging.

have uploaded some pics of eastern europe, but it's still not very presentable yet, need captioning, or at least sort them out in some kind of logical order. but have yet to find the time to do all of those.

upcoming happenings include visiting SAJC on 15 Aug 1430 to help with the UK talk... Anyone interested to come, please call!

work's been good... picking up loads. worked on my linux box remotely from work for a while, installing the simulation program, and running some simulations on it. now utilising programs like matlab, gid, to try to set the problem up - generating the geometry of the problem, as well as the finite element meshing. Supervisor's also really nice, working together on a kinda equal footing to solve problems. Have been communicating with him in chinese, and i'm finding myself thinking in chinese whenever i subconsciously run through the problems! :S like "de2 dao4 le4 zhou1 wei2 de4 nodes yi3 hou4 jiu4 ke2 yi3 qiu2 geometry de4 ping2 jun1" and "magnetisation hui4 chong2 zheng4 de4 bian4 dao4 fu4 de4".

managed to meet up with many people this holiday too!
  • Sec sch classmates at Jonathan's send off just days after I returned - alvin, daniel, shawn foo were there.
  • JC classmates, on a couple of occasions. Jimmy, Chintee, Izz, hanes. Board gamed, and had prata at bukit timah.
  • Scouts, on a few occasions too. Shamir, varun, tsang, for a board gaming session; plus juniors Wilson, yiming, gerald, austin, sherman, during shamir's send off.
  • Everyone in church! during the r-age 10th anniversary the day after touch down.
  • CF people - daniel, lish, ben, lauren, charles, during the bbq and a dinner.
Also walked the length of orchard after confluence, to see the ferris wheel, and popped by the newly refurbished museum. They have quite an interesting exhibit on singapore food, complete with a sample of the smells! Watched the simpsons too! but wasnt very good. As jon puts it, it has too much storyline for a simpsons cartoon.

so on the whole, hols have so far been quite fulfilling. would be quite busy still, making the most of the time in sg, as well as accomplishing other things like temasek website and updating links on this blog. blogging might also continue to be sparse.

signing off...