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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Passport Photos for less than $0.05 per piece

Just developed my own DIY passport photos, costed me $0.30 for 8 pictures! What I did was arrange 8 passport sized portraits onto a 4R photo, which costs $0.30, develop it and cut it up. The picture quality was good, comparable with a normal passport photo, even though it was in gif format. There were a few problems with the formating though... It had to do with transfering the photo to the shop. First I tried to use a floppy disk, but they couldn't read it, then I tried burning it to CD, still couldn't read. Then they attributed the problem to the file type, i had saved it as a gif file, and they told me that they can only print jpg format. So I went back to change it. But still couldn't solve the problem. In the end, the shop managed to somehow extract the picture from the gif file. Next time I'd try the photo booths.

Another problem is that the pictures are not cut exactly to the size seen on the computer. It is cut around 2mm into the edges. So when aligning the pictures next time, remember to make allowance for it.

Ok, here are some useful dimension:
4R photo: 6" x 4"
Passport photo: 3.5cm x 4.5 cm
*Remember to leave a margin of 2mm!!

Some webpages:
singablodypore: Some things you dont read in the local news. Politics aside, this blog has many peripherals, which I might like to incorperate in my own site, like the Technorati search, java clocks, and BBC News RSS feed.
The Super Hacker: ROTFLMAO (stands for Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *Arteries Out), about this hacker wannabe who ends up unknowingly hacking himself. A cyberage play unfolding on IRC.
* Substitute with another anatomical object starting with 'A'

I realise that my blogging is taking on a certain style. I constantly blog about a few topics.
1) Websites
2) Books/Games wish list
3) To-do lists
4) Reflection on Achievements
5) Personal Updates
6) Experiences

If I had the time, I'd like to design icons to preceed these topics. Like a to-do list would begin with a notepad and pen icon, achievements could begin with a trophy icon.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Back Home.

Came back from the tour on Sunday, haven't really had the mood or inspiration to blog since I returned. I don't exactly have the mood to blog now, it's just that i'm not able to fall asleep at 3 am in the morning, so might as well catch up on weeks of blogging...

We were so happening yesterday
Yesterday was one of the most fun filled, happening days in a while. And must credit Sam for organising it. He managed to jio 11 people out for lan at 10 am in the morning!! He's got the event blogged so I need not say more. *Smirks* I'm such a slacker :p

As always, looking back and doing an AAR of what I've achieved...
I've changed the skin of the blog. I kinda like the professional yet simple design, and the light blue color. Actually changed it cos I wanted to get rid of the blog frame with the scrollbar. Also added a counter and site tracker, and I never realised that there were people visiting this blog. And according to the site tracker, most of them were directed from a link in Joey's Blog. Since that revelation, I'm a bit more self-conscious about the things I write, now that i know that it might actually be read.

I've also set up a photo album on Posted the pics from the india exercise, and some pictures taken on the day I ord'ed.

Ah... don't really feel like blogging today, so can't create a substancial entry. Nevertheless, this entry serves to commemorate the fun we had yesterday.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Some programs I've acquired

Leaving tommorrow, but first...

Just downloaded a php editor, phpwscite. Beginning to love it for all the functionalities. It provides help instantly for any php, mysql, and apache function when you hit F1 while the cursor is on the code. There is also color coding and auto-complete, which can come in very useful when debugging, it helps to highlight all the coding mistakes. Hoping that this new tool would help me progress in my pursuit of php.

Also downloaded a ftp client, SmartFTP. I haven't explored it yet, but hoping to use it to connect to, so that I'd be able to upload templates for my blog and photo album. Eventually I hope to set up an FTP server on my computer, so that I'd have some control over it even when I'm in England.