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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oooo... Ratatouille - Behind the scenes.

The science behind chopping scenes in Raratoullie.

Stumbled on it while searching for ways to handle scalar fields for my computing project.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok a quick update on what's been going on...

Been busy... in part with this, as well as school work, which is been piling...

But before i forget, Houseparty's confirmed to be held on 3-6 December (Monday til Thursday), so daddy, can plan your trip around this date. Also, cant find my usb stick when i arraived; and realised that i dont have vit c with me, have been fluish for a while... can help me bring these items from home? Thanks.

It's been two weeks and a bit into school... trying to keep up with work. Had a few cookouts so far - 1 natsci, 1 with cumsa kids.

And had lunch at Lye Chong's place (a grad student at HH) on Sunday... He has a year old son, and he had a church friend from singapore visiting cambridge, whom he invited for lunch too...
Had children's christian music playing in the house, and other children's items like books and toys strewn around the house, bringing back to me recollections of the atmosphere during my own childhood... Met his son a couple of times before, but after playing with him during lunch last sunday, I'm beginning to feel a little attachment with him... oh no...

This term's snack is prob going to be Danish Butter Cookies... They are on offer (99 pences) at sainsburrys for the regular tin, it's usual price is 1.50 pounds. I think it's rather cheap... dunno how much they cost back in sg... Anyhow, it's better than 4 bars of basics chocolate, which i havent touched since i arrived.

And this term's meal would be chicken rice... very cheap and hassle free - usually marinate 3 chicken wings a meal (a pack of around 8 basics chicken wings cost under 1.50 pounds, so 3 chicken wings works out to 50p), then throw it in the rice cooker (with lettuce sometimes), and forget about it til i'm hungry... if i'm cooking with lettuce, would usually take it out afte about 10 mins. Blogging over a bowl of chicken rice now :P

Also i'm doing laundry manually this year, since they raised the price of using the washing machine to 1.40 pounds... It's quite therapeutic actually, good to do after getting bored with work.

Ok, a rather abrupt end to a disjoint post... it's two AM in the morning, and tomorrow's going to be a hactic day, with 5 hours at the cavendish... later...