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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Laptop Spring Cleaning continued

There's something wrong with Live Messenger, and it's rather annoying.

For some reason, after a while (in the order of days), there would be connection problems by the name "81000306".

Tried searching windows live account help to solve the problem, but the documentation's quite unsatisfactory.

Tried signing in on webmessanger, and it worked. Worked on the old windows messenger as well. So figured that the problem was the IM Client itself - Windows Live Messenger. Reinstalled it, and now it works. But I wonder how long this will last before giving more problems.

Thus, I'm now looking for alternative IM clients. Found Google talk, but havent found out that they support msn, and I'm thinking of gaim, but not sure if it's compatible with windows.

MSN fouling up again.
Installed Trillian.

Addendum 010507:
Dangit! The problem was indeed Norton anti-virus!
This page was helpful, though rather retarded.

Changed the setting on norton for MSN messenger to "Permit All" and now it works.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Laptop Spring Cleaning

Just wiped out my entire hard disk with system restore, and reinstalled all my programs... Here's my installation log for future reference.

28 Apr 07:
Copied entire "My Documents" folder.
Copied entire "Installers" folder.

28 Apr 07:
Configured Internet Explorer -
LAN Settings >
Automatically connect to:

28 Apr 07:
Installed Thunderbird.

Configured Account following instructions on

Configured local email archives folder.

28 Apr 07:
Installed Firefox
Configured LAN Settings.
Downloaded Firefox 2.
Installed Firefox 2.

Configured download folder.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Windows Live Messanger.
Installed Windows Live Messanger.

Configured Live Messanger:
Group offline contacts together.
Hide Tabs.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Google Desktop.
Installed Google Desktop.

Configured gadgets.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded itunes.
Installed itunes.
Music and Podcasts already existing, as organised in the "itunes folder".

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Filezilla 2.2.32.
Installed Filezilla.

Need to recover account usernames and passwords for:
Username and password in old email.
Configuration successful.
need to recover infomation in summer.


28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Open Office 2.2.0.
Installed Open office.

28 Apr 07:
Downloaded Skype 3.1.
Installed Skype 3.1.

Now my laptop feels brand new!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sainsbury Mathematics! Start of term, and stuff.

Just got two packets of salmon for 2 p today! Thanks to some loophole in the sainsbury reduced system. Details of loophole on Yijin's Blog.

Term's beginning tomorrow. It's that time of the year in Cambridge, stressful times, time to put faith to practice, learn to trust the future to God.

Doing the book of Ecclesiastes in CF, and the book of Exodus at focus. This term is a good time to re-evaluate our pursuits, and put what we are doing in eternal perspective. And Exodus reminds us that God is soverign in all situations.

Yup, and i'm currently playing around with other versions of linux, installing fedora as I blog now. Will put screenshots in due time :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

That was quick!

Yay! Successfully ran Kubuntu on a virtualmachine player.

By following the instructions on this page.

And thanks rob, for informing me about the HUGE repository of Linux packages available for download on the srcf. I'm gonna familiarise myself with the installation of linux, and set up a suitable version on my home computer when i return in summer.

I love the way this allows one to install entire OS'es without worrying about spoiling a thousand dollar machine.

Also like how one may be able to get into a particular (i.e. programming) frame of mind in a linux environment, and switch out if it almost instantaneously, with a virtual machine. Think I'll look for a pet virtual machine to do my programming in, and conduct all such operations in that mode.

Path to Linux

Ok, successfully recovered my computer... But lost some info, like my old emails... it may be hiding somewhere but couldnt search it out...

Anyway thought i needed to really unwind cos i have been getting nowhere but stressed with work, and tried to install C&C3 with an original cd borrowed from Yiliang.

It doesnt work, and I've since tried updating my graphics card driver, and C&C3 itself. Having problems updating C&C3.

Have moved on to trying to run linux as a virtual machine using VMware Converter, as advised by shawn. Stumbled upon this page, which I hope will lead to a successful implementation of virtual linux on this computer.

Lets see...

Summer Plans

Ok, have a few objectives to achieve this summer-

1) Play C&C3.
2) Install Linux on my home computer
3) Read the book Structured Computer Organization, 5/E
4) Read up on mathematical methods for physicist.
5) Hopefully find an internship at dsta
6) Do up the temasek soc webpage, and find a calendar.

And Yiliang, my neighbour, actually bought the original C&C3 in england for 34.00 pounds!!! I really feel like borrowing it from him to help unwind!!! ahhh!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hit by virus, and considering converting to linux.

Ok, this is it. End of the road for microsoft.

Got hit by a virus sent as a link by a friend over msn. Link is DONT TRY IT!!!

it downloaded the file "the winners game.exe"

Dont know why i was so off guard to the point of running the executable file. Maybe cos he was also a mathmo and i thought it's one of his creations. But since then, my com has been getting increasingly laggy. Ran system restore, but it's still not working properly.

And I realised that I haven't gotten myself any antivirus programs on this computer.

Now I'm thinking of the main functions of this computer...

I use it mainly for the internet, msn, skype, and email.

As well as maintain websites, all of which will not be a problem on linux... I connect to the server using filezilla.

I need a pdf reader, which shouldnt be too difficult to replace on a linuxbox, and I'm already using openoffice, and gimp.

I also would need a music player, to replace itunes, one which will play my m4a files.

And, find out if the OS would be competible with all the usb devices I am using - my camera, palm; and all the cards - sound, webcam. And the dvd player, which I have never used.

Also, if I am intending to game, I'd need to find out how the games would be competible with the version of linux i'm using.

Main games would be dota, and C&C3, if i get it during the holidays.

Come to think of it, maybe I shouldnt wipe out the whole OS, but install linux on a seperate partition. See if that's possible.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Definition of a Geek

Abstract from Wikipedia:
The definition most common among geeks themselves is: "one who is primarily motivated by passion," indicating somebody whose reasoning and decision making is always first and foremost based on his personal passions rather than things like financial reward or social acceptance. Geeks do not see the typical "geeky" interests as interesting, but as objects of passionate devotion. The idea that the pursuit of personal passions should be the fundamental driving force to all decisions could be considered the most basic shared tenet among geeks of all varieties. Geeks consider such pursuits to be their own defining characteristic.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Visited shawn last night, and chatted bout geeky stuff til 3 am!

Talked about many things including:

whois, and
Andrew S. Tanebaum and his book, Structured Computer Organization, 5/E. Thinking of getting my library to buy it for me to read over summer.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The past week since arriving back in cambridge has been quite fruitful. Had a few cookouts - natsci, dota, watched a two movies - Singapore Dreaming, screened by Temasek Soc, and Amazing Grace tonight. Dota cookout came with an 8 hour overnight lanning session which ended this morning at 7am.

Also had a supervision, and managed to get some revision done; and booked a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning to fix my leg.

Past week in summary:
Wednessday, 11 - Supervision, and the Natsci cookout.

Thursday, 12
- Slept over at aloysius's place, and had temasek meeting that morning at caius.

Friday, 13
- Temasek Soc Movie screening

Saturday, 14 - Dota Cookout + overnight lanning marathon.

Sunday, 15 - Marathon ends at 7am. Slept til 12. Did some work, went to church at 5. Dinner at christ's college, thanks to the nice christ's people like dingdong, ryan, shirley and sara. Watched Amazing Grace after.

And beginning to plan for a trip to eastern europe - Czech republic, Austria and Hungary, after term ends, and should be returning on the 29 June flight.

Have watched quite a number of shows in cambridge this year. About 3, i recall -
1) Night at the Museum in Grafton center, with Soonhui, Samuel, Eemae (the higher ground people).
2) Mission Impossible, Casino Royale. At that place near homerton, with cg people.
3) Amazing Grace. With whole bunch of christ's and garang sheep people today.

This to add to Mission Impossible 3 i watched with Darryl and the Trinity hall mathmos after tripos last year.

Yup, that's quite a comprehensive consolidation of the week and my entertainment expenditure so far.

Friday, April 13, 2007

What I've been busy with...

This! :

As well as trying to keep up with work, having cookouts, and trying to order my life.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Now Playing: Glory To The King

Lord, my heart cries out glory to the King.
My greatest love in life I hand You everything.
E A E A G Em A A/G
Glo-ry, glo-ry, I hear the angels sing.

Open my ears, let me hear Your voice,
To know that sweet sound, Oh my soul rejoice.
E A E A G Em A A/G
Glo-ry, glo-ry, I hear the angels sing.

D/F# G Em Em/D
You're a Father to the fatherless,
A/C# D G
The answer to my dreams.
A/C# D G
I see You crowned in righteousness.
C C/B Asus A A/G
We cry glory to the King.
D/F# G Em Em/D
Comforter to the lone-ly,
A/C# D G
The lift-er of my head.
A/C# D G
I see You veiled in majesty,
D/A A A/G F#m7 G
We cry glo - ry, glo - ry,
F#m7 Em7 Asus A D
We cry glory to the King.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pics Up!

Easter holiday pics are up! Peterborough, Austria, and Word Alive. Yet to caption and order them, but here it is anyway.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Back from Word Alive

Came back yesterday from word alive. Nice relaxing time, especially being in the slackest caravan, where Caravan Unity == Skipping Big Start together for french toasts :P

Caravan 12 casually taking a photo
while the others were deligently attending Big Start
under the tent in the background.

Yes, Shenglong's really hilarious.

Completed a series on the thematic study of the bible, studied the book of Philippians, and sat through a lecture series on the trinity. Philippians shall be my next favourite book... Wanted to get the cds of the surmon, but it's 18 pounds!!! Maybe I'll wait til next year, and hope to find it at a discounted price.

Came across, during the trinity talks, big words like Epistemology, the study of the truth, and many greek words like hypostasis, substance, which I understood the meaning momentarily. And a word which rang a bell - ousia "thingness of a thing" i recalled from michelle's msn nick.

Good chat with shenglong on phillosophy, learnt a few songs from ryan, and Agnes makes really nice sesame oil chicken and dark soy sauce pork! Need to get the recipe from her! :P

Have been rather busy since returning. Need to sort out banking matters, Temasek Society website, and catch up with lots of work. Also need to see the doctor about my knee... so annoying.

And yes, upload pictures of my trips this Easter holidays - to Peterborough, Austria and Word Alive! Will do that soon.