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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here today, gone tomorrow.

The effects of 5 days on the mountains

Just returned from Salsburg. Good trip, albeit a little pricy and the fact that I sprained my knee. Nothing serious, think it was an existing problem, recovering, but I know that I'm not going back skiing under foreseeable circumstances.

Photos and narration after i return from word alive which begins in about 8 hours time!

Did two days of skiing, and 3 days of contemplating complex methods in the alps, which was quite fruitful.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Departing for Austria tomorrow

Will be in the alps in a few hours... Skiing for 5 days... Will be contactable on my sg number.

See everyone in a bit!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Whoa... this is serious sh*t!

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Keywords barrister, pasteiner, robert, john

Interesting log

Ooooo... My post about the hermes spam rang bells in the Korean army based in the US... I wonder who is really behind this BARRISTER PASTEINER ROBERT JOHN guy...

Visitor DetailUnique Visitors
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Date 23 Mar, Fri, 08:57:57 Net Speed Corporate/T1
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City Apo Javascript Enabled
Search Engine Google
Keywords barrister, pasteiner, robert, john

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peterborough. and other stuff.

Term's over, things are winding down, but I've succeeded in keeping myself rather busy for the past week. Visited Peterborough with Ling and Shagnik, two fitz mathmos, yesterday. Saw the chathedral and museum there, and the river nene.

Learnt a bit of English history at the Peterborough Cathedral - it's where Catherine of Argon, the first of King Henry the Eighth's six wives, was buried.

In the Cathedral, outside the Cathedral, and Guildhall

The museum was fun - not very large, and not many displays, but lots of children's exhibits (read: toys!) hung around to play a while, and walked to river nene after lunch.

Roman Soldier!

River Nene

That's about all for yesterday (wednessday).

Rather occupied since term ended on Thursday...
Friday was date of submission of lab report, followed by combined CG.
Saturday. Helped out in the science festival.Was setting off air rockets, and building bridges.

Air Rockets and Bridge Building!

Launching the water propelled air rocket!

Dinner with Aloysius and Yaofeng after, followed by a 2.5 hour munchkin session at yiliang's.

Went to church, lunch with david green, went jogging to grantchester with ling, attended a recital at wolfson.
Monday. Tutor meeting, and relaxed.
Tuesday. Went to work on computing project, bumped into caius and christ's people on the way to sainsburys, joined them for dinner, and hung out at aloysius's with felix, aloysius's jewish neighbour, after. Learnt a fair bit about the formation of Israel. Stayed til 2.
Wednessday. woke up at 7.20 for an 8 am coach ride to Peterborough. Returned around 5. Temasek soc meeting at night til late.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hermes got spammed!

just saw the first piece of spam in my university mail account, which until now has been spotlessly clean!

The title was
"HELLO IS ME ,......................"

from a certain

There have been parallel reports of exactly the same email from other hermes users. If you've been hit, please tag so we'll know how widespread this contagion is :P

Oh me oh my! I hope the university computing service does something about this soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Season for Renewal

End of lent term term, the season for AGM's, passing of batons, and the assumption of fresh, exciting new roles.

The past week saw the handover of a few positions I've been growing rather attached to, and perhaps becoming quite weary from... Tuesday was the archims AGM, and tonight was CG/CF handover.

Monday also marked the last of my 6 crazy Mondays, and 14 x 8 = 112 hours of practical. It's been a very tiring marathon, these crazy mondays, but it's the kind that one feels really refreshed from. Also really glad to have Darryl as lab partner, will miss these lab sessions with him :(
(and to quote sam: "omg, your hair so IMBA!" :P)

I have my lab report due on Friday, as a fitting way to wrap up my stint as an experimentalist.

Also, held the first Temasek society event on Thursday - discussion of GST increase, and of the Singapore budget. Thought it went quite well...

Feel a tinge of loss, each time I relinquish a position. They have each been really fulfilling. Guess that's life, hardly anything is permanent, and things that are permanent turn stale. The Cambridge cycle has a period which just about maximizes the utility of each term.

On a seperate note, some of the other things i'd been up to since i last blogged properly: went to shawn's place to watch the moon turn red last saturday, and jogged to grantchester yesterday. Love the spring temperature and sunshine, perfect for exercising outdoors, and the flowers and scenary adds to the cheerful mood.

Also, kinda impulsively found myself on a ski trip to austria in easter.

Speaking of which, there'll be a few pursuits to occupy me during the holidays -
1) Revision, lots of it.
2) Temasek Society Website,
3) Sorting out thoughts on the truth hypothesis,
4) Big admin matters like summer and next year's arrangements - banking, air tickets, storage, etc.

Ok, there's a long update on the past week. Holidays are almost here, and feel the relief of having much of the responsibilities weighing me down for a year being removed, and the satisfection of having been a good steward.

So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 8:15

Also have been very glad to have very intensive bible study opportunities here in Cambridge. Have been studying 1 Cor at focus this year, and 1 Peter in CF, the book of Daniel last year. These are some books I've found myself growing quite familiar with on top of my existing favourite books of Romans, James and Ecclesiastes.

Yup, quite a long update after a long haitus from proper blogging.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm impressed, hch! Go do IT at Singapore poly and pwn everyone in the course!!! You have my support!

And here's a sample of his doing - Feederbox 1.o!!!


Saturday, March 03, 2007


Yesterday, I spotted ducks mating in the river.

Last night, I dreamt of budgies taking a dive.

One wonders how the brain makes these connections.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Encryption protocol

Just found this in my inbox from shawn...

It's basically RSA without having to agree on the parameters beforehand! It's called diffiehellman.


I wonder why I havent come across it as a mathmo...


Even a science superhero has dreams...

Stephen Hawking's wish of a lifetime

GIMP, and a little reflection on my ambition

Decided to dabble in photo editing a little.

Just got myself GIMP.


A whole lot of GIMP resources recommended by shawn...

Photoediting would be a very useful complimentary skill to have along with webdesign... Just need the time to pick it up.

And google says I need more programming experience to be hired. No time to acquire that, so I guess I wont be a google engineer unless I make a drastic change in my pursuits!

For now, I still wanna be a theoretical physicist, not an investment banker or a programmer. Had considered the other options as possible detours should the original route be too difficult to make a living off, but looks like it's not so easy to switch either. I still have teaching as a career to fall back on, and I could always go into some kind of applied science research if I find that appealing.

Or I might be a barber! :D