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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


...goes the story of my cambridge (mis)adventure.


patched-up said...

hey.. not sure abt the printing part. i never tried. i just realised only now that i didn't install my printer on ubuntu. maybe i should try. then i'll get back to you. which distro u using? ubuntu? tried the forums? i'm having some sickening issues with kubuntu 9.04.. silly problems that shouldn't be there in the first place.. lousy upgrade. so it's putting me off the whole linux thing. will get back to it and let u know if i can work it.

patched-up said...

yo bro! ok, this comment is coming from the Kubuntu partition. =P just installed the printer. quite straight forward leh.

my printer's tied to the router, so it's like a print-server thing.. so all i did was to go to the System Settings -> Printer. then Add New Printer. From there i chose the AppSocket/HP JetDirect option. then under Host, i input my router's IP which is for the port, it's at the default 9100. then i chose the make/model then printed a test page.. which is just a pure waste of my ink. hah.

actually, i think it's somewhat simpler to do it here than in windows. In windows, still have to Add New Port, then specify the new port name, ip address blah blah.. then install the printer and set it to be connected via that port. here it's all in done in one place.

how's ur printer connected? if it's just USB plug and play, then maybe u could plug it in and let kubuntu/ubuntu detect, since their Plug&Play thing quite power now.. thumbdrives all that, no need to manually mount. =) let it detect then see if there's any Add New Device option that pops up.

hope it helps. =)